CGP Grey Age, Real Name, Face, Instagram & Twitter

CGP Grey is a well-known American-Irish educational YouTuber, podcaster, and live streamer who creates short explanatory videos on a variety of subjects including politics, geography, economics, sociology, history, and culture.

CGP Grey
CGP Grey

CGP Grey was born in New York, New York and grew up in the Long Island suburbs. Regarding his educational background, he received two degrees from college in upstate New York: one in physics and one in sociology. Grey gained Irish citizenship through his father and moved to London, where he pursued a master’s program in economics and became a physics teacher.

CGP Grey’s primary YouTube channel, CGP Grey, features videos that aim to debunk common misconceptions or answer everyday questions on a range of topics. His YouTube channel, CGP Grey, features explanatory videos on a range of topics including politics, geography, economics, history, productivity, the internet, science, American culture, and British culture.

CGP Grey’s videos have been featured on CBS and have received praise from economists and other media outlets. He holds dual American and Irish citizenship. Grey’s YouTube videos have received recognition from various media outlets. His video that debunks popular misconceptions has been featured on CBS, as has his video about the history of the British royal family.

CGP Grey’s video on the American debt limit received praise from economists, and Popular Mechanics featured his videos on aeroplane boarding and traffic congestion.  Grey’s video “Humans Need Not Apply” was covered by Business Insider and Huffington Post, and his animated video of Nick Bostrom’s “The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant” was praised by the Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.


In addition to his video production work, CGP Grey is known for creating and hosting the podcasts Hello Internet with Brady Haran and Cortex with Myke Hurley. On June 3, 2015, Grey launched his second podcast, Cortex, with co-host Myke Hurley of Relay FM.

CGP Grey Age

CGP Grey is reportedly 30 years old as of 2022.

CGP Grey Real Name

CGP Grey’s real name is Collin Grey Palmer Gray.

CGP Grey Twitter

CGP Grey has an active Twitter account with the username (@cgpgrey) where she has 292.3k followers.

CGP Grey Instagram

CGP Grey has an active Instagram account with the username (@cgpgrey) where he has 33.1k followers.

CGP Grey Face

CGP Grey is of white ethnicity. His face has never been shown in his videos, however, there are images of him online.

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