Has Sami Zayn ever won the WWE Universal Champion?

Sami Zayn signed with WWE in 2013, after years on the indie scene as the masked El Generico. Since his call-up to the main roster, he’s been both a sympathetic babyface and a downright scoundrel.


He’s frequently matched wits on the mic with other WWE promo professionals like The Miz, Paul Heyman, and Kevin Owens.

Sami Zayn is very prominent on SmackDown and has even appeared on RAW. His profile, while already established, continues to grow as he is surrounded by champions and future Hall of Famers.

There would be no harm in giving him the Universal Championship for a brief run. It would definitely have to be the right time and place, and it would likely have to follow a huge babyface turn.

Has Sami Zayn ever be the WWE Universal Champion?

It’s not impossible to believe that the WWE Superstar will have a run on top in the next years. After all, when it comes to the field of sports entertainment, nothing is out of the question.


If you had told the typical WWE fan five years ago that Jinder Mahal, Kofi Kingston, and Big E would all win the WWE Championship one day, they would have laughed in your face. They could have even made a few phone calls to get you to sign a contract.

But, lo and behold, it came to pass. It’s possible that Sami Zayn will face the same fate. That strategy might already be in the works, for all we know.

The veteran is a mainstay on SmackDown and has lately made appearances on RAW as well. His already-high status continues to rise as he surrounds himself with champions and potential Hall of Famers.