How Tall is Quinta Brunson? Height of the Abbott Elementary Actress and Creator

Quinta Brunson
Quinta Brunson


Quinta Brunson, the actress and writer who created and starred in the ABC series Abbott Elementary, has been making waves in Hollywood lately.

The show, which premiered last year, recently won an Emmy for outstanding writing for a comedy series. But aside from her accolades, fans have been curious about Brunson's physical attributes, specifically her . So, how tall is Quinta Brunson?

Quinta Brunson's Height

According to her IMDb page, Quinta Brunson is 4 feet 11 inches tall. In an interview with Bustle, she shared that her height was something she initially worried about when she started acting in Hollywood.

She thought that being 4'11” might impact her chances of success in the industry. However, after learning that she shares the same height as actress Kristin Chenoweth, her worries subsided.

Embracing Her Height

Despite her initial worries, Quinta Brunson has come to embrace her height over the years. In an interview with NPR, she described her height as a “superpower.” She even starred in a Buzzfeed video titled “Nine Perks of Being Short,” which went viral and has over 12 million views to date.

Career Highlights

Quinta Brunson got her start as part of Buzzfeed, where she wrote, produced, and acted in two web series: Up for Adoption and Broke.

Her work on Broke earned her a nomination for best acting in a comedy at the Streamy Awards in 2017. Since then, she has appeared in several well-known TV shows, including New Girl, iZombie, and Single Parents.

She has also pursued voice acting, with roles in Syfy's Magical Girl Friendship Squad, Adult Swim's Lazor Wulf, and Netflix's Big Mouth.

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