Is Dr. OZ dead? Here is what we know

The internet is a dangerous place for celebrities, especially. Dr. Oz has once again been the target of a preposterous rumor that claims he was “found dead.”


Dr. Oz, who has been the target of similar hoaxes in the past, is concentrating on his campaign ahead of the November elections. He only just rallied for voter support in Pittsburgh a day earlier.

So, here’s what we know so far regarding the most recent hoax.

Several Twitter users today inquired about Dr. Oz’s well-being after receiving texts from anonymous numbers suggesting that the television celebrity had died.

“DR OZ found dead,” the spam message said, followed by a link to an online story.


When you click on that link, however, you are sent to a completely separate story.

It’s unclear who started the rumor. As of this writing, Dr. Oz hasn’t addressed it either.

Is Dr. OZ dead?

We can confirm that Dr. Oz is still alive and well, and that he has been observed actively campaigning for votes ahead of the upcoming elections.

He shared a photo of himself with his supporters from Camp Hill today (June 15). “Thank you so much for attending the Victory in November Rally in Camp Hill,” he wrote. We’re well on our way to WINNING and PROMOTING PA”

He also announced that he would be appearing on Hannity tonight to discuss Anthony Fauci’s COVID 19 diagnosis.

Meanwhile, a prior Dr. Oz hoax claimed that he was shot and killed in Lower Manhattan. “As America mourns the untimely passing of Dr. Oz, his estate has swiftly decided to provide free samples of his breakthrough CBD gummies,” it said.

Needless to say, neither of these statements was correct.