Is NSS Allowance Paid?


The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a program established by the Government of Ghana in 1973 under the Ministry of Education.


Its headquarters are in Accra, and it has offices in all administrative regions and districts in the country.

The NSS is responsible for deploying skilled manpower drawn mainly from tertiary institutions to support the development efforts of both the public and private sectors in Ghana.

NSS Allowance for 2023

As of the 2022/2023 service year, National Service personnel earn GHc559 per month. This is an increase from the previous year’s figure of GHc350 in 2019.

Throughout the one-year mandatory service to the nation, personnel is expected to earn about GHc6,700 as allowance.


Payment of NSS Allowance

The government of Ghana, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, paid the November and December 2022 allowances of National Service personnel. The allowance is paid monthly based on the number of times personnel were present at their workplaces.

How to Check NSS Allowance Payment

To check if your National Service Allowance has been paid, sign into the official NSS Dashboard Allowance Portal. Then, click on the check allowance button and enter your National Service number, username, and password to access the NSS Dashboard Allowance. You will receive a message to confirm the transaction.

NSS Online Registration

During the NSS online registration, individuals who are not gainfully or permanently employed in the public or private sector should not indicate YES.

Any individual who indicates YES during online registration would not be paid NSS allowance during National Service.

It is important to use an active email address during the NSS online registration and a passport-sized picture.

Also, ensure that you carefully confirm every piece of information you fill in before clicking on submit.

After the online NSS registration for your postings, the NSS pin codes become useless, and the NSS number will be your identification number as national service personnel.


National Service Scheme is an essential program that deploys skilled manpower to support the development efforts of Ghana.

It is important for personnel to adhere to the guidelines during the NSS online registration to avoid any issues accessing their NSS personal dashboard.