Liz Bishop Husband: The CBS6 News Anchor’s Family Life

Liz Bishop
Liz Bishop

Liz Bishop , Liz Bishop, a well-known figure in the world of broadcasting, spent her entire adult life as a part of the CBS6 News team.

She started as a weekend sportscaster and has since taken on a variety of assignments. Currently, she is a co-anchor for CBS6 News at 6pm, 630pm, 10pm, and 11pm, and she created the highly successful Perp Patrol segment in conjunction with local law enforcement.

Who is Liz Bishop of CBS6 News team Husband?

Liz is definately married, However, she has kept the identity of her husband away from the public, there is not information on him online or social media.

Just as her husband, there is no information on her children too

Liz Bishop of CBS6 News team

In June of 2016, the New York State Broadcasters' Hall of Fame inducted Liz into their ranks, joining the likes of other notable broadcasters such as Walter Cronkite, Mike Wallace, and Barbara Walters.

This prestigious honor reflects her contributions to the world of journalism.

Liz Bishop blazed a trail throughout her career. She was one of the pioneers of what is widely considered to be the first all-woman newscast.

Additionally, she was among the first women reporters granted access to the New York Yankee locker room after the courts opened its doors to women reporters.

During the first transcontinental live remote in the Capital Region, Liz covered the inauguration of George Deukmejian of Menands as Governor of California, displaying her journalistic skills.

Furthermore, her interview with then-Senate candidate Hillary Clinton was featured on the David Letterman Show.

Throughout her career, Liz received numerous awards for her reporting, including three Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, a NYS Emmy, and more than a dozen Emmy nominations.

She also received several prestigious NYS Associated Press Broadcast Awards for General Excellence in Reporting.

Liz Bishop has been a pillar of her community, participating in various philanthropic endeavors. She served as a telethon host, emcee, Board member, and campaign chair.

Her community involvement and dedication to journalism earned her the respect and admiration of her colleagues and viewers alike.

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