Luca Bish Height, Age, Girlfriend. Love Island 2022.

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Luca Bish originates from Italy but is British citizen. He lives in Brighton, UK and is a fishmonger. Luca is always in a fun mood.

He described himself as the “class clown” and an “idiot” because of his jovial personality. He loves partying with his friends, when he is not fishing.

He is a graduate of University of Sussex, bagging a Masters Degree in Fishing and Fisheries Sciences and Management.

Luca Bish Height

Luca is 5 feet and 11 inches tall.

Luca Bish Age

Born in Brighton in 1999, Luca is now 23 years.

Luca Bish Girlfriend

Luca has dated a number of women but is now looking for something that is solid. He ended a four year relationship with Saffron Barker: an influencer and a YouTube star; for a year now and is ready to love once again.

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