Lucas Jade Zumann’s Girlfriend: Where is The Long Time Couple Now?

Lucas Jade is probably one of the best and most popular actors in Hollywood. Therefore, this article will go on a journey to explore the girl that Lucas is dating, all the details about her and some other things about Lucas, regarding the new movie “No Address” that he is doing, and some details about his professional work.


But first of all, for those who do not have enough information regarding who Lucas Jade Zumann is, he is a Hollywood and American actor known for his roles, such as Gilbert Blythe in the Netflix series Anne with an E. He has also appeared in popular and award-winning films, such as “ Twentieth Century Women” and “Everyday”.

Aside from the professional acting work for which he is most famous, he is also very popular for speaking about Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+.

Lucas Jade Zumann
Lucas Jade Zumann Credits: Twitter

Who is Lucas’ girlfriend Jade Zoman?

Lucas Jade is a very charming actor and thus the heart and core of his young female audience, who he honestly calls their crushes, but now it looks like their hearts will be broken because Lucas is in a relationship.

His best friend is none other than his childhood friend Shannon Sullivan. These two have been friends for a very long time and thus, they love each other deeply. Since both of them are childhood friends, they met when they were studying together in school, and since then, they have been in love with each other.


However, the pair has kept their relationship hidden from the limelight for a long time. However, recently in 2018, they announced that both of them are passionately in love with each other. So they started opening up with their fans by posting adorable pictures of both of them together on their social media handles.

Speaking of, Shannon is a YouTube creator and Spanish teacher, who teaches it via her YouTube channel. Thus, her YouTube channel is dedicated to two things, one being a vlog and the second teaching Spanish.

She is also a singer. So, Lucas and Shannon like to post song videos where they sing together; Their most popular songs include The Way Times Work, He Won’t Let Me In, Cada Cancion, and more.

Lucas Jade Zumann
Lucas Jade Zumann

Is Lucas Jade Zoeman in “Untitled”?

Lukas Jade Zoman is very excited and candid about his new film, No Address, directed by Julia Verdin and written by award-winning writers Verdin and James J. Papa.

The movie will explore the topic of homelessness and thus the story of the movie will involve a group of people trying to explore homelessness. While Lucas is very excited about the role he will be playing as the main character in the movie.

While talking about the movie, the actor mentioned how he relates to his character in the movie and how he can relate to the theme on which the movie is based. The actor will play Jimmy in the film, who deals with homelessness after everything in his life is over, from family to career.

Thus, the actor stated that No Address would encourage viewers to engage deeply with their communities because no one knows who needs support from another person and what that person might be going through.

What happened to Lucas Jade Zumann after Anne With An E?

Lucas Jade is a versatile actor who is best known for portraying Gilbert in the series Annie with an E. The show has had a huge fan base. However, the show sadly ended, but the exceptions it left behind around its fans were incredible, who wanted another part of the series.

From there on, Lucas’ career skyrocketed even higher, making cameo appearances in movies like 10 Things We Must Do Before We’re Parted.

The fact that he is only 21 years old and has mentioned the anxiety, depression, and stress that comes in the way while working from the young age is the true reality of Hollywood child actors. But by God’s grace, he didn’t appear with Disney, which would have traumatized him for the rest of his life if he had been.

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