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Michael Nelson: A Convicted “Serial Con Man” in Florida Opens a Legal Advisory Firm


Nelson’s consumer referral website has taken down the Florida accounting and legal services after a report labeled him a “serial con man.” According to reports, Nelson may have passed a criminal background check because the Jacksonville company was registered on the service provider directory and referral website Thumbtack. 

Nelson, 51, was found guilty in three states of offenses like wire fraud, computer fraud, and identity theft and received a sentence of more than 17 years in federal prison over the period of 25 years.


His online biography according to click Orlando, , which was recently taken down from the website, identified him as a “partner” at the business and stated that he had “over 30 years” of experience in executive management and difficult mediation. , However, He has spent the most of that time behind prison, according to court documents obtained by the site.

Micheal Nelson’s Biography

His biography also noted that he earned a master’s degree in psychology and social work from the distance learning institution Stratford Career Institute in 2009. He was detained by the federal government in that year, according to court documents.

Michael Nelson

He hasn’t been accused of any new offenses since finishing federally supervised probation earlier this year, and no customers of his new business have voiced any complaints to him either. Further examination by the outlet finds that Nelson’s company advertised on places including Nicelocal, Google, and Facebook that it provided “legal services.”

His firm was also promoted on the website Thumbtack, a platform that lets users connect with nearby establishments online. Nelson had his background checked on Thumbtack’s website, according to the article.

Nelson’s Thumbtack page after receiving negative feedback, was taken off from the website earlier this month. The statement read, “We adhere to industry standards for background checks, which are conducted by a third-party supplier that has received national accreditation.

Due to his violation of our terms of service, we worked with our provider to take action and remove Mr. Nelson from the Thumbtack platform.

He was sentenced in 2010, and the judge said during that time that he was “a serial con guy who we don’t feel can be deterred.” “The idea that Mr. Nelson could come and take churches for hundreds of thousands of dollars, as the judge mentioned, where they’re scrimping for money, was really heinous in this instance,” assistant US attorney Scott Drury said to WBBM-TV after the sentencing.

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