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Natalia Diamante Bryant Boyfriend: What We Know


When it comes to celebrity relationships, fans are always curious to know more. One of the most talked-about relationships in recent times is that of Natalia Diamante Bryant, daughter of late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, and her boyfriend.

While the media has reported on their relationship, we are here to provide you with a comprehensive guide to all you need to know about Natalia Diamante Bryant’s boyfriend and their relationship.


Who is Natalia Diamante Bryant’s Boyfriend?

As of the time of writing, Natalia Diamante Bryant is currently in a relationship with a young man by the name of Evan.

Evan has been described as a “family friend” of the Bryants and it is unclear when exactly their relationship began.

However, the couple has been seen together on numerous occasions and appears to be going strong.

What do we know about Evan?

While there is not a lot of information about Evan publicly available, we do know that he is an aspiring musician.

Some reports have suggested that he is a student at the University of Southern California, where he is studying music.

It is clear that he shares a love for music with his girlfriend, as they have been seen attending concerts and events together.

How did Natalia and Evan meet?

As previously mentioned, Evan has been described as a “family friend” of the Bryants. It is likely that he and Natalia met through their shared connection to the Bryant family. However, the exact details of their meeting have not been made public.

What has been the public’s reaction to their relationship?

As with most high-profile relationships, the public has been eager to learn more about Natalia and Evan’s romance.

Fans have taken to social media to express their support for the couple, with many commenting on how happy they seem together.

Of course, there have also been some negative comments and criticism, but the couple seems to be handling it well and focusing on their relationship.

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