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Raymond Arroyo Children: Meet Alexander Arroyo, Lorenzo Arroyo and Mariella Arroyo

Raymond Arroyo
Raymond Arroyo

Children: Raymond Arroyo is a prominent journalist, author, and television personality known for his work on EWTN News. He has covered some of the most significant events in recent history, including the 9/11 attacks and the papal conclave that elected Pope Francis.

Meet Raymond Arroyo Children

But behind the scenes, Arroyo is a devoted family man and father to three children: Alexander Arroyo, Lorenzo Arroyo, and Mariella Arroyo.


Alexander Arroyo

Alexander Arroyo is the oldest child of Raymond and his wife Rebecca Arroyo. Born in 2001, Alexander has grown up in a family that values education, faith, and hard work. He attended Catholic school and later enrolled at The Catholic University of America, where he pursued a degree in mechanical engineering. Today, Alexander works as a project engineer for a leading engineering firm, where he uses his skills to design and develop new products.

Despite his busy schedule, Alexander remains close to his family and is a devoted brother to Lorenzo and Mariella. He enjoys spending time with his siblings and parents, and he often joins them for family dinners and other special events.

Lorenzo Arroyo

Lorenzo Arroyo is the middle child of the Arroyo family, born in 2004. Like his older brother, Lorenzo attended Catholic school and is currently a student at Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C. He has a passion for music and plays several instruments, including the guitar and piano. In his free time, Lorenzo enjoys composing and recording his own songs.

Despite his young age, Lorenzo has already made a name for himself in the music industry. He has performed at several high-profile events and has even released his own album. His talent and dedication have earned him recognition from fans and critics alike, and he is poised to make even bigger waves in the coming years.

Mariella Arroyo

Mariella Arroyo is the youngest member of the Arroyo family, born in 2011. She is a bright and energetic child who loves spending time with her family and friends. Mariella enjoys reading, dancing, and playing with her dolls. She attends a local Catholic school and is an excellent student who excels in all of her classes.

Despite her young age, Mariella has already shown an interest in journalism and broadcasting, like her father. She enjoys watching the news and asking questions about current events. She has even accompanied her father on some of his assignments, where she has interviewed people and reported on local happenings.

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