Secret Invasion Trailer Breakdown: Nick Fury Is A Skrull?

Secret Invasion Trailer is out and as for my thought, I am very excited about this. Though it massively seems to be differing from the comic, I think if it’s in the same vein as Winter Soldier, it’ll still be strong.

If you’ve read my Disney Plus show articles then you’ll know that I’ve had my criticisms of the MCU releases but this could end up being something special. Samuel L Jackson is obviously a massive star and hopefully, they’re putting the work in to deliver something worth him stepping onto the small screen for.

In this Trailer Breakdown, we will be going through the entire trailer and figuring out where this show is going to lead us. We will go through what Nick Fury is up to, we will talk about Emilia Clarke‘s character in MCU, the villain, and a bit about the Secret Invasion storyline in Marvel Comics. Don’t worry, there won’t be any Spoilers in this Breakdown for this show.

Secret Invasion Trailer Breakdown

Now we start off the new Secret Invasion Trailer very much building off the back of the previous trailer with Nick Fury walking through the woods. There are a number of things that this could be too such as a secret Shield facility or one of his many hideouts.

Looking at the rest of the trailer and the clothes he has though, I think this might actually be to the tombs that we see later. Though he also goes to one of his gravestones he’s wearing a grey hat and a slightly different coat. In both these shots he’s wearing a purple one possibly linking them together. The trailer also ends with him walking out of that so they might be bringing it full circle from the beginning and showing the beginning and end of that scene.

We then get Talos saying that things have been getting much worse since he’s been gone. It’s actually difficult to tell how long this has been for and it is possible that he disappeared completely after the events of the Winter Soldier and his return to Earth is his first time back on the planet since then. Really difficult to tell and though it has been said he came back for Endgame we just don’t really know.

Now from here we cut to Moscow and see the Kremlin. This is then attacked by Kingsley Ben Adir’s character and we know that he will be called Grvick. Judging by how his arms change later on it’s possible that he’s a super Skrull and I’m guessing that he’s gonna be the leader of the group. Or is he? Well, I think he’s the face at least and they could definitely pull it where they prop him up as the bad guy and then reveal that it’s actually one of the characters that we trust.

Either way, this is clearly the fact that the Skrulls have chosen to wear when they are carrying out their attacks. Due to them being shapeshifters, it is possible that these are all different Skrulls but they want to appear as this one man in a similar way to say a group how Anonymous all wear the V for Vendetta Masks.

Secret Invasion Trailer Breakdown
All the Skrulls looking like Gravik (CC: Marvel Entertainment)

Maria Hill And Rhodey

We actually see Maria Hill in the middle of this attack and it’s possible that this kickstarts the season and then this is why she reaches out to Nick. I’m guessing in this they realize that it’s Skrulls and then Fury finds out about it which is why he returns to Earth.

Now Rhodey being brought in is a big addition to the show and for years now people have suspected that he’s a Skrull. It’s been a theory time that people have had for over ten years now and if you go back and look at what the character looked like in the first Iron Man, you may notice that there’s something slightly different about him. Yep that’s right, he has a mustache but him not having one after that movie could show that he may have been switched out with a Skrull.

Though the Skrulls we met in Captain Marvel were friendly, in the comics they’ve pretty much always been bad guys and they could be attempting to shift them back to being villains for the rest of the saga.

Skrulls are refugees and from what we know of the show, there will be some trying to claim our planet as their own. This is why they’ve taken spots in lots of leadership positions and have started to replace our leaders with their own. It’s something they did in the comics too and it gave them access to technology and weapons.

Fury Meets England’s Fury

Just like how Hydra infiltrated Shield we now have an alien invasion happening in the US government. There’s very much a cold war going on on the planet and in opposition to this, we have MI13. Based in the Uk, this secretive entity deals with paranormal and supernatural activity.

Secret Invasion Trailer Breakdown
Fury with Falsworth (CC: Marvel Entertainment)

This organization is England’s answer to Shield and the organization probably knows Fury due to him being the ex-director. The head of it will be played by Olivia Coleman and we know that she will be called Sonya Falsworth. I’d love it if it was revealed that she was a Skrull as well and this would add an extra dimension to everything.

We already have a division in Skrull people as we have Talos on one side and the resistance sect that is trying to take over things. We know that the character actually has roots in the Marvel universe too and she’s actually the descendant of James Montgomery Falsworth aka Union Jack. Anyway, this will all be going down in London which is where Fury meets up with her.

We then see them traveling out to his grave and you might notice that this is actually a different one from the one at the end of Winter Soldier. The inscription in that was a reference to Pulp Fiction. Potentially the real fury is dead and this guy is also a Skrull. Nah I think what’s most likely is that this is out in England and they may have faked his death with MI13 as well.

We can also see from the tomb site that he uses graves as a place to hide things so potentially this is a literal dead drop that has his equipment. We then cut to the indoor site and can see that there is a wolf emblem on it. This is lit up showing that it’s activated whereas in the next shot when he arms up its powered down. S**t easter egg but just being a thorough mate.

Everrett Ross As Skrull?

Next, we cut to the characters walking through the cityscapes and we hear about the Secret Wars fought in the shadows. We can see Ben Mendelhson’s Talos saying something and I’m guessing this is an exposition dump to catch us up on what’s happened since he’s been away.

Secret Invasion Breakdown
Everett Ross in Secret Invasion (CC: Marvel Entertainment)

Now Everett Ross will be returning as well. He’s of course on the run after the events of Wakanda Forever and now he’s lying low after being double-crossed by his ex-wife. It’s always the bloody wives. And Ross’s revelation to be a Skrull would be a big thing for the series and he is the kind of character that I imagine them to pull this kind of twist on.

They need kind of these names where it’s gonna be a shock but it’s not gonna retroactively destroy everything and he fits the mold pretty well. The man was married to a high-ranking US government official and he became one himself making him the ideal candidate to become a Skrull himself.

Emilia Clarke’s MCU Character Gi’ah

From here we get an overhead shot of a convoy and this is following the same one that is later shot at by the helicopter in the Secret Invasion Trailer Breakdown trailer. We know that Emilia Clarke’s character will be there too and she seems to be slumped over a body. Potentially this is Talos and it may be a big moment in the show in which he dies.

Now as for Emilia Clarke, there’s actually been a lot announced since the last teaser. Disney has come out and told us exactly who she’s gonna and we now know that she is going to be Gi’ah. This is a character who pulls from the comics and in that she and her fellow agent Klrr lived on earth and had a family. One of their daughters was taken by Project Blossom and there was a big thing with them in the comics. Gi’ah posed at pepper potts at one point and she has quite a big history with the Skrulls in the source material.

In the show though this is actually going to be Talos’ daughter, first introduced in Captain Marvel. We of course met Monica Rambeau in that as well so we’ve seen these two kids grow up off the back of that. It’s even possible that Gi’ah was the Skrull we met at the end of Wandavision and this would tie her in with meeting her after seeing her mother when she was younger.

Secret Invasion Trailer
Emilia Clarke as Gi’ah (CC: Marvel Entertainment)

And that’s kinda why I think she’s leaning over his body of him and if Talos is taken out then it means his list of allies is getting smaller and smaller. Later on, in the Secret Invasion Teaser, we see Talos badly injured and that sort of looks like a black vehicle behind him, potentially linking these two moments up.

Now after this shot, we see several bodies on beds seemingly in hibernation. This is a room that Gi’ah came across in the first trailer and we see the follow-on from this with her looking over them. My guess is that she’s discovered a place that is potentially holding the world leaders who have been replaced by Skrulls and we may come across some of the characters we know here.

I was thinking that the Skrulls may be sucking the DNA out of them to make duplicates but Skrulls can shapeshift without taking a person’s DNA so I’m not sure if they’d need to do that.

Secret Invasion In Marvel Comics

Sonya then asks if Fury feels responsible and this is likely because he helped the Skrulls initially on earth, f**ked off, and now they’ve thrown a revolution. Now the Secret Invasion comic storyline was a major event spanning several books.

In it, we picked up on the aftermath of the Civil War and Nick Fury discovered that Valentina Allegra De Fontaine was one. They could do this with her in the MCU too and it might explain her sudden turn against Everett. However, I am leaning more toward him being one over here.

Anyway, Fury went into hiding after discovering the truth and he ended up sending his best agent Spider-woman into a shield to spy on things. She was revealed to be a Skrull herself though and potentially this could be taken over by Maria in the show. We know a Skrull has posed as her before and maybe she’s been one all along.

Secret Invasion Breakdown
Secret Invasion in Comics (CC: Marvel Entertainment)

Now when this was going on Tony was in charge of Shield after the events of the Civil War. This is why the Skrulls tried to convince him that he was actually a Skrull and it almost worked. In the end, they launched their attack over the savage land and in New York. Several characters were revealed to be the shapeshifters including Hank Pym, Jarvis, Mockingbird, Dum Dum Dugan, and of course Spider-woman.

Though the heroes won in the end, national security was never the same and it held major ramifications for groups refusing to come together down the line because no one knew who to trust.

Nick Fury Vs Gravik And Skrull’s Plan

Now in the Secret Invasion Trailer, we then cut to what I believe is Paris. We see someone walking the streets and then A Paper from the Globe discussing the battle of New York. We hear a voice asking where the Avengers are and at this point, they are very much a fractured group. Spider-man is back to being your friendly neighborhood one, Iron Man is Dead and Steve Rogers is being President Joe Biden.

Now when they see Kingsley Ben Adir’s character from behind and he walks into a room with a giant device in the middle. Guessing this is your sort of MacGuffin world-ending device thing that the villains have their hands on.

Secret Invasion Trailer
Fury fighting Gravik (CC: Marvel Entertainment)

We, later on, see an abandoned powerplant and I’m guessing that this could be where they’re located at. This could be in Russia as well cos…stereotypes. At one point Gravik hits Fury when they’re both standing inside of this so this may be where a lot of things go down at.

Nick Fury is very much talking about going off on his own and we see how alone this is. I love the shot when he’s stopped in a corridor and you know I keep saying everyone is a Skrull…but these guys have to be Skrulls innit.

Gi’ah says that the Skrulls have something planned for him and going back to the comics they basically wanted to replace him and get access to all the security measures on earth that he had. This would allow them to truly rule over the planet and they’d not really have anything stopping them from taking over. Nick Fury promised that he’d find them a place to live but he’s very much forgotten about them and thus they’ve started to put things in place to take our planet for their own.

Nick Fury On His Own

Then in the Secret Invasion Trailer, we see a suitcase with a damage control logo. They’ve of course popped up in the MCU quite a lot recently and we can tell from this that they’ve obtained a specimen of something. This might be Skrull DNA and it could potentially allow humanity to detect Skrulls in advance.

Secret Invasion Trailer
Fury ready for one last Fight (CC: Marvel Entertainment)

We then see Sonya going to torture someone and Gravik looks out of a murky window, potentially at the abandoned factor from before. After this, we have a rooftop chase and also lots of action scenes. We also get a moment where I believe Nick’s wife might be standing behind Gi’ah but let me know what you think.

Anyway, we close out the trailer with more action before Fury finally walks out on his own. He’s very much fighting this battle by himself and we’re gonna finally see if the man truly lives up to the legend.

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