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How to Write UC Appeal Letter

As students, we all strive for success in our academic endeavors. However, sometimes we may encounter obstacles that hinder our progress, such as being denied...


UC Admissions Waitlist

As you wait anxiously to hear back from the University of California, you may find yourself placed on the UC admissions waitlist. This can be a frustrating and...


UC Admissions Yield Rates

At the University of California (UC), admissions yield rates are a critical metric that reflects the percentage of students who enroll after being admitted. In...


UC Admissions Notification Dates

At UC Admissions, we understand that waiting for college admissions decisions can be a stressful and anxiety-inducing time for students and their families...


UC Acceptance Rates by Campus

At the University of California, admission is highly competitive, and the UC acceptance rates by campus vary greatly. As a prospective student, understanding...


UC Acceptance Rates by Major

As a prospective student, you might be wondering about the acceptance rates for your desired major at the University of California (UC) schools. While it's...