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Were Prince William and Kate Middleton “Booed” at the Celtics Game? This is What Actually Transpired


On November 30, a game between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat featured an unexpected visit by The Prince and Princess of Wales. At the TD Garden stadium, where more than 20,000 basketball supporters had gathered, Wycliffe “Wyc” Grousbeck, the owner of the Boston Celtics, welcomed William and Kate. During the entire game, they sat courtside alongside Michelle Wu, the mayor of Boston, and Maura Healey, the incoming governor.

What Happened When Prince Williams And Kate Middleton Were at The Celtics Game

Prince Williams and Kate Middleton at the Celtics Game on 30th November

The royal pair was reportedly booed by spectators when they were announced by a stadium announcer and displayed on the jumbotron. William and Kate are apparently on a US trip to promote the Earthshot Prize honors. However, despite the supporters’ persistent jeers, it is said that the couple maintained their composure and played the game bravely.


Following allegations that Lady Susan Hussey made racial remarks to Ngozi Fulani, a domestic violence campaigner, at a Buckingham Palace charity event, basketball supporters have not been thrilled. A witness who was there at the Palace function and observed Fulani being “interrogated” is advocating for a “cultural shift” inside the monarchy.

 The Women’s Equality Party’s Mandu Reid, who was seated next to Sistah Space founder Fulani during the Queen Consort Camilla’s event on Tuesday, overheard the seasoned Palace official asking the British-born charity worker, “Where do your folks come from?”

At the charity event designed to commemorate the UN’s 16 days of advocacy against gender-based violence, Lady Hussey is alleged to have questioned Fulani about her nationality. The source claimed that Lady Susan approached Ngozi, pulled her hair to reveal her name badge, and shocked her by asking, “Where do your people come from?” 

According to Ngozi, she inquired about her origins in Africa and her arrival in the UK on several occasions. According to reports, the royal employee left due to allegations of prejudice.

The royal couple watched the Celtics’ long-standing practice of honoring a “Hero Among US” – people who are actively trying to improve their neighborhood — during the second quarter with the score tied at 47. The Boston Celtics also won the game against the Miami Heat. The royal couple elected to stay until the finish of the game instead of leaving after the third quarter, saying farewell and shaking hands with spectators as they did so.

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