Who is Akop “Jack” Torosian? Viral Racist Gym Owner

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A gym owner was caught on film making racist statements against a vendor at his establishment, but he maintains the entire incident was misinterpreted.

After some remodeling, Akop “Jack” Torosian, owner of No Limit Super Gym in Los Angeles and Miami, had a spectacular re-opening over the weekend at his Hollywood branch… things got heated when he allegedly saw someone selling juice in the gym without his authorization.


Who is Akop “Jack” Torosian?

He’s been overheard ranting about a “Mexican” selling their goods at his establishment, urging someone to “get him the f*** out of here,” and adding, “This is not a Mexican hangout.”

Jack, who calls his gym a “shelter” on social media and shares videos of himself smoking, lifting, and getting a haircut, has since apologized, claiming the video was taken out of context… though it’s difficult to explain the racial terminology.

He believes that his own employees took advantage of him while he was away in Miami… he claims that while he was gone, his employees opened a juice bar and brought in outside vendors to help — something he claims was not permitted.

Since the video went public, the company’s Yelp website has been bombarded with one-star ratings, with many accusing Jack of being a racist — one review reads, “Trash of a gym owner; Trash of a club.”


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