Who is Curtis Smith? Alex Murdaugh’s alleged hitman

Curtis In connection with the shooting of Alex Murdaugh, Eddie Smith was previously charged with assault and other offenses.


The alleged hitman for South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdaugh was detained on Friday morning.

According to Fox Carolina, Curtis Eddie Smith, whom Murdaugh allegedly told officials he paid to shoot him, was detained on Friday morning and is facing at least one charge from the State Law Enforcement Division of South Carolina.

In connection with the killing of Murdaugh over Labor Day weekend in 2021, Smith, 61, was previously charged with assault and battery of a very aggravating nature, assisted suicide, pointing and exhibiting a handgun, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, and insurance fraud.

In order for his son, Buster Murdaugh, to receive a $10 million life insurance policy payout, Murdaugh allegedly told investigators that he paid Smith to shoot him.
Smith told CBS’s 48 hours that he did not fire the firearm and denied any role in the shooting. Smith claimed that Murdaugh called him on September 4 and asked for assistance with a problem. Smith apparently spotted Murdaugh exiting his vehicle with a gun when he arrived.


“You know, you’ve got to take care of this, he said. I then responded, “Well, I can’t do it.” He then turned his head after accepting it. I simply seized his arm, placed it behind his back, and removed the revolver “Smith reported to CBS.

According to Smith, there was a struggle before the gunshots were heard. He said that the weapon was then destroyed.

The shooting happened after Murdaugh left Hampton, a law company in South Carolina, following charges that he stole millions from the business’s customers.

No suspects have been identified in the murders of his wife, Maggie, and their son, Paul, 22, which occurred in June at the family’s home. Murdaugh disputes any responsibility for their demise.