Who is Doris Goddard? Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth

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Who is Doris Goddard?

Doris Goddard was an Australian cabaret singer and film actress who passed away on July 29, 2019. In her latter years, she also worked as the publican of various hotels in the Sydney area, notably the Hotel Hollywood. Goddard was born on March 1, 1930, in Australia.

Goddard passed away on July 29, 2019, after residing in the hotel’s upper room until approximately 18 months before her death, at which time she went into a care facility.

After a funeral service held at St. Canice Church in Rushcutters Bay on August 6, her burial took place that afternoon at Rookwood cemetery. Jenny Noyes, a journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald, paid tribute to Goddard in an article by describing her as a “diva, icon, humanitarian, and campaigner.”

Linda Scott, who serves as the deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, referred to Goddard as a “beloved icon” of the city and said that he was “always a star.” On August 19, Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore observed a moment of silence within Council for one minute. was wed to Charlie Bishop at the time.


Who is Doris Goddard

Goddard and Charlie Bishop were married for a while.

What is Doris Goddard Net Worth?

Goddard’s estimated net worth ranged somewhere between $1 and $3 million. Her successful acting career is her primary source of income. Her acting roles have earned her a lot of money.