Who is Janet Ramsay Johnson? Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth

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Who is Janet Ramsay Johnson?

Janet Johnson, Lady Birkin (29 November 1914 – 18 December 1983) was an Australian-born actress who briefly attained popularity on stage and in films in Australia and Britain before marrying British gothic writer Charles Birkin in 1940.

Janet Ramsay Johnson was born in 1914 in Adelaide, South Australia, as one of two daughters of Arthur George and Jeanie Johnson née Ramsay: Janet’s only brother, Arthur Ramsay Johnson, died in 1911, barely 14 months and three weeks before Janet was born.

Later, when residing in Melbourne and having some Australian theatrical experience, she played the lead in Harry Southwell’s relatively unknown film The Burgomeister in 1935.Johnson traveled to England in March 1936, encouraged by American director Miles Mander, to further her career.

Over the next few years, she played minor roles in various films, including Michael Balcon’s Paul Robeson movie, The Proud Valley. She also appeared on stage in London, at least four times alongside Lilian Braithwaite.


In early 1937, she spent six months in Hollywood at the invitation of Twentieth Century Fox, but no film jobs were forthcoming. “Hollywood made me feel like such a fish out of water,” she allegedly stated. Her final British film was a supporting role in the 1940 B film Mrs Pym of Scotland Yard.

Who is Janet Ramsay Johnson Husband?

She married Sir Charles Birkin in July 1940, following which she retired from cinema acting. Sir Charles and his wife had three children: Jennifer, Amanda, and the present baronet, John.

Janet Ramsay Johnson Children

Sir John Christian William Birkin, Jennifer Claire Eleanor Birkin, and Amanda Jane Averill Birkin were born to Janet Ramsay Johnson.

What is Janet Ramsay Johnson Net Worth?

Janet Ramsay Johnson’s net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million. Her principal source of money is her successful acting profession.