Who is John Riccitiello? Age, Wife, Net worth, Children, Unity Technologies

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Who is John Riccitiello?

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Unity Technologies is American business executive John Riccitiello. He previously held the positions of CEO, COO, and President of Electronic Arts. In 2004, he also co-founded the private equity firm Elevation Partners.

Riccitiello has held positions on a number of corporate boards, including those of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, the Haas School of Business, the Entertainment Software Association, and the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

John Riccitiello Age: How old is John Riccitiello?

As of 2022, John is 63 years old, he was born on 1957/1958 (age 63–64), heand celebrates his birthday every year.

Who are John Riccitiello’s parents?

Unfortunately, we do not have enough information about his parent


What are John Riccitiello Height and size?

From our estimation, he is of 5.6ft height

Who is John Riccitiello’s Wife?

The relationship between John Riccitiello and his wife, who is likewise kept a secret, is not discussed. Riccitiello’s children as well as his wife go through hardship. Reliable sources claim that Riccitiello is the father of two daughters.

John Riccitiello
John Riccitiello

Anne Evan consented to accompany Riccitiello to his hotel room when he asked her to do so after becoming split from his wife and moving into a nearby hotel. That is one of the reasons that Evan initially filed a lawsuit against Riccitiello.

John Riccitiello Children

Well, according to Wikipedia, John Riccitiello have two children, however, their names are not known, and there is no information about them on the web.

What is John Riccitiello’s Net worth?

John Riccitiello, president, and chief executive officer of Unity Software Inc., is thought to now have a net worth of $574.84 million. About 0 shares of common stock of Unity Software Inc. are owned by John Riccitiello.

John Riccitiello has sold items at Unity Software Inc. over the past two years that are estimated to be worth $419.92M.

John Riccitiello’s career explored

Early in his career, Riccitiello had management positions at Grand Metropolitan’s Häagen-Dazs business as well as Clorox and PepsiCo.
In the latter part of 1993, he was appointed chairman of MacGregor Golf as well as president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Wilson Sporting Goods.

From March 1996 to September 1997, he was the president and chief executive officer of Sara Lee Bakery Worldwide, a division of Sara Lee Corporation.

In October 1997, Riccitiello started working for Electronic Arts (EA), where he first held the positions of president and chief operating officer until 2004.

Along with Roger McNamee and Bono, he departed the business to co-found and hold a partner position at Elevation Partners, a private equity firm that specializes in the entertainment and media industries.

From February 2007 to March 2013, when the board of directors accepted his resignation due to the company’s financial performance, Riccitiello returned to EA and served as CEO.

After leaving EA, he worked as an advisor to emerging businesses and invested early in Oculus VR.

After serving as a consultant and joining the board of directors of Unity Technologies in November 2013, Riccitiello was appointed CEO of the company in late 2014.

He has managed two fundraising campaigns during his time there, garnering $181 million in 2016 and $400 million in 2017.
Additionally, he has attempted to integrate the Unity game engine into the Oculus SDK.

Riccitiello has spearheaded initiatives to expand the application of Unity’s software capabilities outside of the gaming sector, in fields like automotive design, construction, and filmmaking.

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