Who is Lisa Collins? Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth

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Welcome to SmileTimes. In this article, we researched some facts about Lisa Collins and will share our findings with you. The articles cover vital information about the actress. We will look at Lisa Collins’s biography, early life, net worth, husband, height, partner, and more. Continue reading to uncover facts about Lisa Collins.

Who is Lisa Collins?

Lisa Collins is a well-known Australian actress who was born in 1968. She is best recognized for her leading role in the film Fix (1997) and for her portrayal of Louisa Earp, Morgan Earp’s wife, in the film Tombstone (1993).

Who is Lisa Collins Husband?

Between the years 1989 and 1995, Lisa Collins and Billy Zane were married.

Lisa Collins Children

Jordan Collins, Cameron Collins, and Copelan Collins are Lisa Collins’ three kids, and Cameron Collins is the oldest.

What is Lisa Collins Net Worth?

According to several sources, Lisa Collins’s net worth is somewhere in the range of $3 million to $5 million. Her successful career as an actress significantly to the majority of the wealth that she accumulated.

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