Who is Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet? Hilary Devey only child

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After a protracted illness, Hilary Devey, ex-Den Dragon’s judge, entrepreneur, and TV personality died on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Hilary was an entrepreneur, TV personality, and businesswoman from England.

She was born on March 10, 1957, in Bolton, Lancashire, and got a head start in the business haulage world, earning her first million pounds in just three years.

Later in her career, she appeared on the Loose Women panel and starred in popular business-themed TV programs such as The Secret Millionaire, Dragons Den, and The Intern.

She earned her money by founding the Pall-Ex freight network in 1996.

Who is Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet? Hilary Devey only child

Hilary Devey left behind a son only, Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet.

His father was Hilary’s long-term business partner, Turkish businessman Hussein, who was unable to marry her since he was already married.

Unfortunately, we do not have enough information about Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet to share.

How old is Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet? Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet age

Mevlit Brewster-Ahmet is 35 years old, according to Dailymail. His exact date of birth, however, remains unknown.

Devey had previously lived in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, before relocating to Boylestone, Derbyshire. She has homes in London, Morocco, Spain, and Boca Raton, Florida.

She formerly owned a property in Florida, which she sold in 2014 for £5.42 million.

She had two divorces throughout her life.

Devey worked for a number of charities, including Carers Trust, where she was vice president in 2012. She donated one cent for each pallet delivered through the Pall-Ex network to charity through her ‘Penny a Pallet’ campaign.

She was also a patron of the Stroke Association, which she became a member of in 2010.

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