Who is Susanne Haworth? Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Career, Net Worth

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Who is Susanne Haworth?

Susanne Haworth is a former Australian film and television producer and actor. During the 1960s, she was a well-known child star, best remembered as Susan Wells in the children’s adventure series Adventures of the Seaspray,

but she also made noteworthy cameo appearances on Cop Shop, Prisoner Cell Block H, and A Country Practice in her later career.

Haworth went on to become a successful television producer, working on the crime drama television series Phoenix, Secrets, and Janus in the early-to-mid 1990s. She is also the co-owner of Kuranya Pictures, a production company based in Bilgola, New South Wales, with Bill Hughes.

Susanne Haworth made her television debut in the 1964 film A Season in Hell. She went on to play minor roles in a second television picture, Rape of the Belt (1964), as well as a main role in the musical comedy film Funny Things Happen Down Under (1965).


Haworth appeared as Susan Wells in the children’s adventure series Adventures of the Seaspray from 1965 to 1967. During the mid-to-late 1960s, Haworth appeared in the children’s television series The Magic Boomerang and the police thriller Homicide.

Who is Susanne Haworth

Haworth was possibly not married. She did not disclosed to the public whether she wass married or dating

Susanne Haworth

Haworth may or may not have any children. She did not revealed whether or not she had given birth to any children.

What is Susanne Haworth Net Worth?

Haworthn’s estimated net worth ranged somewhere between $1 and $3 million. Her successful acting career is her primary source of income. Her acting roles have earned her a lot of money.