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Who was Diane Albert? In a Suspected Murder-Suicide, a New Mexico Judge and Her Pets Were Shot to Death by Her Husband.


Police believe that the spouse of a well-known New Mexico judge shot his wife; Diane Albert to death before turning the pistol on himself. The police discovered an odd message from Judge Diane Albert of New Mexico, who was also found shot dead at her home along with her pets. Her husband was also found dead there. It’s thought that the husband wrote a scary note for a friend.

The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office reported that Diane Albert, a municipal judge for the Village of Los Ranchos, was allegedly killed alongside a few of her pets in a murder-suicide that her husband, Eric Pinkerton, is thought to have committed. According to Jayme Fuller, a spokesperson for the sheriff, authorities looked for Albert, 65, and Pinkerton, 63, after a friend of the pair reported receiving a “troubling message” from Pinkerton.


 He said in a voicemail left for a buddy that he had killed his wife, his dogs, and his cat. And he’s preparing to kill himself, according to a dispatch assembled by local television station KOAT-TV.

An NBC News report from the sheriff’s office that also stated that Albert had recently enrolled at the University of Mexico to study French confirmed the dispatch. 

After she passed away, local officials organized a funeral for her over the weekend. Donald Lopez, mayor of Los Ranchos, and Ann Simon, village administrator, released a statement together saying they were “heartbroken” to learn of Diane Albert’s unexpected passing. Albert was the elected municipal judge for the city. She was a friend, a talented lawyer, and a lifelong resident of Los Ranchos.

Diane Albert

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Diane Albert was also a licensed patent attorney. One of Albert’s neighbors, Joe Craig, voiced his shock at her passing. Craig, the president of Friends of Los Ranchos, was a member of the committee for a period of years. Simply a lovely person, he said. I have never witnessed her to have a mean bone in her body.

Who is Diane Albert?

Former North Valley planning and zoning commissioner Diane Albert also held the position of municipal judge for the neighboring Village of Los Ranchos. She had also served as commissioner for Los Alamos County and president of the Bike Coalition of New Mexico, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

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