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Nas and 21 Savage End Their “Beef” With “One Mic, One Gun” Collabo.


Nas and 21 Savage have collaborated and their fans are rejoicing in it. The team-up comes after a short beef which was mainly one-sided. The track is titled ‘One Mic, One Gun’ referring to Nas’ 2001 ‘Stillmatic’ single ‘One Mic’, and the latest one is produced by the industry’s favorite Hit-Boy.

The legendary member of “Queens” posted the song’s cover art on his Instagram account along with the message, “Only way we progress is with love, respect, and unity.” The argument, which seemed to be primarily between one party, started when 21 Savage claimed, “In a Clubhouse talk, “He doesn’t seem important to me. Simply said, it seems like his fan base is devoted. He still produces quality songs.”


The 30-year-old rapper said, “Mostly connected or appropriate to what’s being done to be considered,” when another participant in the discussion asked him to describe relevance in his own words. Later, Savage defended his remarks, saying, “I would never disrespect Nas or any legend who paved the way for me. Yall be are tryna to grab stuff and run with it.”

What Fans Said About Nas and 21 Savage

Fans can’t express their gratitude to 21 Savage and Nas enough for handling the situation so maturely now that everyone is on the same page.

21 Savage
21 Savage and Nas

One user posted, “I have the utmost respect for Nas and 21 Savage for being mature enough to collaborate and produce music rather than allowing egos to get in the way. This song demonstrated that 21 is more than just a mumble rapper and that Nas is still relevant. 

We required this positive attitude.” Someone else tweeted, “Nas and 21 Savage are demonstrating how “rap beef” ought to be handled. They sat down like men, had a talk, and transformed a bad situation into art instead of letting things get out of hand. This is something that the culture needs more of.”

One user tweeted, “Love how Nas & 21 Savage turned that Topic into love and decided to collaborate instead of split KING SHIT,” referring to both artists as “Kings.” Another user commended both musicians for “I love how Nas & 21 Savage both nipped this petty shit in the bud and recorded a record together, tweeted the artist who was credited with “bridging the gap” between the 90s and new-school artists. Such news is wonderful. closing the distance. Unity.”

Although another user noted, “The Nas and 21 Savage song is about living a peaceful life and teaching younger people better ways to deal with “disrespect.” However, the film had better be 100 times out of 21 writing One Mic lyrics on a chalkboard.” Someone else tweeted, “a fresh Nas and 21 Savage.

 Nas used the occasion to demonstrate to the public that he will not contribute to the myth that older and younger hip-hop fans are incompatible.”

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