Who is Anita Alvarez? US swimmer rescued after fainting

At the World Aquatics Championships in Budapest, artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez fainted and was miraculously pulled from the bottom of the pool by her coach.


After finishing her routine during Wednesday night’s solo free final, Team USA’s Alvarez sank to the bottom of the pool and was not breathing. Andrea Fuentes jumped in to save her.

“A major fear ensued. Because the lifeguards weren’t doing it, I had to jump in “Spanish publication Marca cited Fuentes as saying.

Fuentes, who was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, dove to the pool’s floor and pulled Alvarez to the surface with help. They then helped the injured swimmer to the pool’s edge.

Teammates and spectators at the pool appeared shocked as Alvarez was carried on a stretcher to the medical center.


Alvarez was doing fine, according to a later statement from the US swimming team.

Four-time Olympic medalist Fuentes said on Spanish radio that Alvarez had fainted as a result of the exertion required to complete the routine.

When she started breathing again, everything was OK. “She simply had water in her lungs,” Fuentes claimed.

“It seemed like an entire hour. I shouted at the lifeguards to enter the water and said that something wasn’t right, but they either didn’t hear me or didn’t understand.

The woman wasn’t breathing. As if it were the Olympic final, I moved as quickly as I could.

Alvarez was still intending to compete in the team event on Friday, according to Fuentes, who stated that Alvarez wanted to relax on Thursday.

Alvarez, 25, was competing in her third World Championship. She apparently also passed out last year in Barcelona during an Olympic qualifying event.